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Sorensen magnet school Math is Cool Team

The Sorensen Math is Cool program was started in 2014 by teacher Charlene Babb and has enjoyed many victories over the years, including sending multiple teams to the Masters level. In 2018, Growing the STEM partnered with this existing team to train student coaches to assist in the teaching and leadership of the team. All coaches are former Sorensen students who competed in Math is Cool with Ms. Babb in their elementary years. It is a special experience for these middle and high schoolers to return to work with a favorite teacher in a school to which they feel deep ties. It is our hope that, as the years go on, our new programs will also see middle and high school students return to work with younger students in their former elementary schools.

Sorensen 2019

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Sorensen Coaches 2019

Sorensen Coaches 2018

Sorensen elementary mathletes

This program started in the fall of 2017 with the help of Sorensen staff Charlene Babb, Shanna Marshall, Bret DePew, and Sorensen parent and coordinator Rebecca Smith.

Sorensen Mathletes 2019

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