Help Growing the STEM make math fun!

Help Growing the STEM make math fun!

Help Growing the STEM make math fun!Help Growing the STEM make math fun!Help Growing the STEM make math fun!

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Growing the STEM's Mission

Growing the STEM organizes and supports math and science programs for students in Coeur d’Alene public schools, with an emphasis on developing youth leaders and encouraging underrepresented groups to pursue STEM education and activities.



Our Partners


What We Do

Growing the STEM created and runs the Mathletes Mentor program, which develops student leaders while giving younger students who need extra help a fun and positive experience with math.

We also start and lead math competition teams focused on the Northwest’s Math is Cool competition.

Our programs utilize student leaders as coaches, with assistance from adult coordinators.

Growing the STEM is an independent nonprofit organization. Our extracurricular programs are run in partnership with local schools and are open to students of all abilities. They are always free of charge and are supported by generous donations from businesses, organizations, and individuals in our community and beyond.

Student profiles

Jackson Reiswig - Bryan


Jackson says:
“Math is Cool was a fun way to enjoy math and compete!”

Parents Rachel and Jack Reiswig say:
“We are so grateful that our son had the opportunity to join Math is Cool.  It has challenged him to stretch his math skills in a fun, safe group of his peers and mentors.”

Emmie Nail - Fernan


Emmie says:

 "At first I was nervous then it was fun and I started to learn things, and it helped me in school a lot. Everyone was really nice and encouraged me to try new strategies and different ways of thinking.  The competition was fun and everyone was nice.  I made new friendships and learned things I haven't learned in class, so when my teacher introduced it helped me solve the problems faster."  

Parents Marie and Michael Nail say:

 "MIC has been a tremendously positive experience for us.  At first our daughter was reluctant and nervous that she would have the wrong answers, but the positive and supportive environment created by the Math is Cool team made her feel at home.  Her confidence and math skills have grown through this program.  Thank you Math is Cool!"

Ike Vandergrift - Fernan


Ike has been competing in Math is Cool for two years. He has placed first and gone to Masters both times, receiving first place in his division in fourth grade. His coaches have loved to see him blossom into a hardworking, fun, and competitive student.