Math is Cool


In our Math is Cool teams, high school and middle school students who excel at math and love working with kids coach 4th-5th graders or 6th-8th graders in an after school, team-based math competition program. Students spend time playing math games, solving problems, and learning new math skills. Adult-supervised and held on-site at local schools


Teams meet after school 1-2 days/week for hour-long sessions. Depending on competition dates and whether a team qualifies for masters, the season runs 4-7 months. 


The program is school-based and is open to all 4th-5th or 6th-8th grade students at a given school on a space-available basis. Math is Cool is designed for students who thrive while doing challenging mathematics, but our programs are open to students of all ability levels. Anyone willing to work hard and try can learn and have fun in this program. 


It’s fun! Plus, it helps build leadership skills for the coaches and problem-solving skills for the teammates.


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